agenda indépendant et alternatif donnant quelques idées de soirées, expos, concerts, films, etc.

les choix de cet agenda sont subjectifs et basés sur les goûts et intérêts de son auteure, ses propos l’engagent à croire ce qu’elle écrit…

si tu veux recevoir une notification lors de la publication des prochains articles, tu peux t’inscrire à la newsletter (un mail par semaine grand maximum) ou suivre la page sur facebook ou instagram.

pour découvrir qui est derrière ce projet, tu peux lire ce très bel article sur le site new-yorkais [wherever mag] ou encore sur brusselblogt, en néerlandais.



independent and alternative agenda giving ideas of parties, exhibitions, concerts, films,…

all the proposals are based on the personal choices and interests of its author and reflect her view of the city, she’s the only one required to believe what she wrote…

if you want to be notify of a new article, you can sign up to the newsletter,follow the page on facebook or on instagram.

to discover a bit more who’s behind this project, you can read this article on [wherever mag]. or in Dutch on brusselblogt.

One reply to “ABOUT

  1. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Maria and I’m a producer of a Brazilian Tv show called “ Vai pra onde?” (Where are you going next?) It’s a show about a young Brazilian traveler who goes around the world visiting different and unexpected places. Our next stop will be Brussels. As I was researching about the city, I saw your blog and read a few things about you and the place, I thought that maybe you could help us. I’ve read that you give tips about the city, and recommendations of places to go. Our show is about a young guy having interactions with young people, so I was wondering if you have any tips of where to find places for the young. I noticed that your blog is really trendy. So maybe you could help us with information about places for the young trendy people. I’m also looking for people who can be part of our show in one episode. Someone who could guide our presenter to a really nice place in town. We will be in Brussels from the 1st to the 3rd of September I’m looking for locals who can give me tips of what to do. Plus, you seem to know about the city and that’s exactly the help we need. Our production team and crew will appreciate very much your help. Thank You!

    My email: mariaeduarda@knvideo.com.br

    Best Regards,


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