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Agenda 12/12/2013 – 15/12/2013

Next week’s street art event at la Bellone is nearly there, so my weeks are crazy! On my next week agenda, I’ll talk to you with more details about it, but you can already check the website to discover the names of artists! It will be great!

And what about this week-end events?

Let’s start slowly and cosy:

We start with some music discovery thanks to Julien Mourlon the founder of one of the best web radio (worldwide) : Laid Back

Julien will be this late afternoon at Muntpunt so you’ll have a chance to meet him and he will give you many ideas to musically spice up your long winter evenings!

If you like litterature (in French) and want to discover something there’s the Labo bliothèque tonight. It’s about impro of texts with some music… Kind of litterature café with some creative minds!

At la Tentation there’s two concerts, one of them being by The Summer Rebellion and his fantastic voice….

Let’s put some artsy little moments:

First of all, I’m gonna give you a tip: write some postcards for the New Year! I mean real cards. Paper. Pen. Envelops. Stamps. Yes. You can’t imagine the effect it has on people who do not receive that anymore…. !
Now that I have convinced you (didn’t I?), I would be sorry if you don’t choose the best ones! And of course, I can help you!

Each year, several artists are creating post cards for the event Cart Art in an Art Gallery in Ixelles. They are to sell this week-end: so it’s not only a post card you’re going to send to your friends and relatives, but a real little piece of art! They will love you!

Note that one of the artists is Tamar Kasparian (a friend of mine) who’s also one of the artists of the next week event at la Bellone!

End of the Year and begin of a new one is the open door for hopes. So Zsenne Art Lab couldn’t possibly find any better moment for the opening of its Museum of Hope!

The Kollectif Point Barre is helding a whole day and evening event at la Maison de la Creation: Point Barre #11 – Court Circuit

There’s an interactive installation (you need to send a mail to book your session), and then some concerts, including one by the band Glü who’s in a “squat” tour.

Well the name is funny, but not really accurate as indeed they had some dates in few Brussels Squats, like la Parfumerie or l’Esquive, but also in other venues who are not squats, like the Bed and Breakfast (a private appartment) or la Maison de la Création (tonight). Anyway…. go and discover this punk/something band!

By the way, if you’re curious about Bed and Breakfast, they have some concerts on Saturday and also the finissage of the exhibition by the Collectif 33. Unfortunatelly, this might be the very last event there…

If you like street art: you can always walk on the streets and discover some nice piece, of course, but you can also go the Take This Baby Expo Party at the Wood to discover some pieces by Sara Conti and by Art de Noe. I would suggest that you start there before loosing yourself at T.A.G Gallery where the collectif Farm Prod invites everyone they know (and that’s a lot of people) to celebrate with them their 10 years of existence as a collecive!

Let’s dance:

That’s several months now that the Our Party crew didn’t organise anything. I just found out why: the Bronks (a cultural center near Sainte Catherine) can not welcome anymore party events…. Neighbors were not happy.

They still didn’t find another spot, but meanwhile, they are having a party Chez Jacques!

And at the Bazaar there’s a new edition of the Soul Project: three live concerts followed by a DJ set. I like the fact that in the price section, they add that kids under 16 years old can go for free. Not only because they dont’t have to pay, but also because it means that the event is open to family and kids! It’s so rare in Brussels even during the day that I had to point it out.

And yes, I know that there’s a lot of things going on for kids, but I really talk more about activity not “kids oriented” : things that you like to do as a person, and you can’t do anymore when you have your kids with you…. Like going to a concert and dancing a little bit after.

And let’s finish with a touch of love:

On Sunday, Kris Dane has a concert in a cosy little private place open for the occasion (but you have to book)

A friend of mine (the voice in the radio show Back To Niceness on FM Brussel) and her two kids are in a play about L.O.V.E! Love in its all different forms… I’m really curious to see this. Again, I love the idea of a family thing, made by a family where family are welcome! Personally I’m single with no kids, but that’s not a good reason for me to be always surrounded by the same type of people as me on the only ground that we do share the fact that we don’t share our lives with some special ones.

I prefer being surrounded by love… a good net in case I’m falling in love!



En plein écriture de mon agenda, je viens de recevoir un appel dont le résultat est que je n’ai plus de temps (déjà bien court) pour te parler de tout ce à quoi j’ai pensé.. Si tu comprends l’anglais, je t’invite à regarder la partie dans cette langue.

Sinon en gros : les highlights du week-end sont :

D’aller au Muntpunt (magnifique bâtiment) pour découvrir la playlist préparée par Julien Mourlon, qui est le fondateur de l’excellentissime web radio Laid Back. L’occasion, si tu ne connais pas encore, de découvrir ce média !

Acheter de cartes postales pour tous ses amis, mais pas n’importe quoi : des belles cartes créées par des artistes ! Quitte à envoyer une carte tous les dix ans, autant s’y mettre avec classe quand on prend un papier et un stylo !

Parmi les artistes qui proposent leurs oeuvres sur carte, il y a mon amie Tamar Kasparian, qui fait partie des artistes invités à l’évènement Street Art que je co-organise la semaine prochaine !
D’ailleurs à ce propos, le site avec les détails sur cet event est en ligne.
Les noms des artistes sont dessus !

Parlant de Street Art, il y a deux évènements vendredi autour de ce courant :

Au Wood, Sara Conti et Art de Noé expose leurs oeuvres lors d’une Expo Party.
à la T.A.G Gallery, c’est le collectif Farm Prod qui fêtent leur dix ans de collaboration !! Autant dire qu’il y aura du monde là !!

Si tu as toujours rêvé d’aller au Bed and Breakfast : c’est apparement cette semaine ou jamais. Il semblerait que le finassage et les concerts de ce week-end seront les derniers évènements dans le lieu…

Autre chose que j’ai hâte de découvrir : une amie (qui présente le show “Back To Niceness” sur FM Brussel, par son DJ de mari Kwak), joue dans une pièce de théâtre avec deux de ses enfants ! Déjà j’adore l’activité en famille, et connaissant les enfants en question, leur personnalités et leur prestances, je n’ai aucun doute quant à la qualité et au bon moment que je vais passer.

En plus la pièce parle d’amour.
Et l’appel de l’amour, je ne peux pas manquer cela !!

Bon mais en attendant, c’est l’appel du travail qui m’oblige à manquer à mon devoir de t’expliquer tout ce qu’il y a de bien dans la ville cette semaine !

Je me rattrape la semaine prochaine d’autant que là, c’est notre évènement à la Bellone qui sera au centre de l’agenda !!



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Playlist Julien Mourlon @ Muntpunt

Labo Bibliothèque : Cabaret lis tes ratures @ Espace mariniers

Concerts The Summer Rebelion and Lolomis @ La Tentation
20 heures, 5€

13/12 – 15/12/2013
Cart’ART 2013 @ Cabinet artistique Libre Choix

Museum of Hope starts Battery @ Zsenne Art Lab

Point Barre #11 – Court Circuit @ Maison de création de Laeken

Glü Squat Tour @ Maison de la Création

Take this Baby Expo Party Sara Conti et Art de Noe @ Wood

Farm Prod 10 years of Painting @ TAG Gallery

Finissage Collectif 33 et Concerts @ Le Bed and Breakfast

Our Party @ Chez Jacques

The Soul Project @ Bazaar

Liefdelamourlovelie @ Centre Culturel Essegem (Jette)

Kris Dane à la Maiz (dans maison privée) – Soirées Cerises


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